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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 

Podcast with Scott Mayo, Director of Fleet, Wendy’s International, Inc., the Winner of Automotive Fleet’s 2006 Fleet Manager of the Year Award

As I mentioned yesterday, Scott manages a fleet of 1,100 vehicles, supervises a fleet staff of four and has been involved in the fleet end of the automotive business for more than 21 years. His fleet department operates like a leasing company, in managing every aspect of Wendy’s “unbundled” fleet. He operates the fleet for Wendy’s in the U.S. & Canada, the U.S. operations of Tim Hortons, and two recent acquisitions: Baja Fresh and Café Express. Scott and his team handled negotiations with ordering dealers and manufacturers, and are responsible structuring and implementing all services for Wendy’s drivers, including maintenance and fuel programs. Scott also is an active member of NAFA and a Board member of AFLA.

We were fortunate to tape a podcast with Scott just after NAFA, so check it out for yourself by clicking on the podcast link at the top of this blog.

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