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Thursday, June 08, 2006 

Podcast with Theresa Ragozine, Worldwide Director, Travel and Fleet, Johnson & Johnson, the Winner of Automotive Fleet’s 2006 Fleet Executive of the Year Award

As I described in my May 30th blog about the NAFA Conference in Orlando, FL, Theresa manages a fleet of 30,000 vehicles, supervises a fleet staff of 10, and has been involved in fleet for the past nine years. Remarketing innovation (an area I’m particularly keen on, in case you haven’t noticed) is one of her many fleet accomplishments that led to the Automotive Fleet’s 2006 Fleet Executive of the Year Award she won, having initiated “Deals on Wheels,” a multi-national employee Intranet site contributing to nearly $25 million in fleet savings to date. Theresa also utilized a total cost of ownership analysis and reverse auction to gain a full understanding of the annual buy strategy with the auto manufacturers and developed a European leasing platform.

I had the opportunity to interview Theresa for my podcast series to discuss the award, her accomplishments and the remarketing industry. So, check it out for yourself by clicking on the podcast link in the title of this blog.

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