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Thursday, November 01, 2007 

Vol. 3 No. 23

A Long, Long Time Ago, in a City Far, Far Away…

Okay, so it Really Wasn’t All that Long Ago, and Kansas City Really Isn’t that Far…

Back over a decade ago, when I was conducting the small business targeted commercial sales/fleet program for Ford Motor Company, originally titled the Ford Mainstreet Program, but now called Business Preferred Network, during a multi-day seminar in Kansas City, I met for the first time Bill Raynor, one of the brightest, most energetic folks to participate. It was clear Bill caught on to the whole fleet sales thing, as I think he was a pro before he ever signed up for the program (although I hope I added a new angle or two). Since he is in Kansas City, and I’m in Philadelphia (when I’m not on a plane somewhere else), we didn’t run into each other often, just occasionally, at a NAFA event here or there.

So I was very pleased when I got an e-mail note from him recently and he let me know he just joined Piemonte National Fleet in Chicago (but is still living in Overland Park, Kansas). Piemonte (with Russ Cass and the crew) has been one of the best national fleet dealers in the country, really one of the “icon” dealers in the fleet business, since before I started in the industry (you know that’s a long time), and Bill is one of the best dealer fleet guys out there, so it seems a perfect match.

Bill Raynor

Congratulations Bill, I look forward to running into you at a few more national fleet gatherings in the coming year.

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Thanks John. We're thrilled here at Piemonte National Fleet to have a professional such as Bill join our organization. The most important aspect of our business is customer service, and Bill has a reputation that fits right in with our philosophy regarding what needs to be accomplished to assist our clients with their fleet needs.
Russ Cass

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