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Friday, November 09, 2007 

Vol. 3 No. 24

The CarsDiva Starts a Blog

So a New Era in Automotive Journalism has Arrived…The CarsDiva Blog is Launched…

Finally, something that I thought was a good idea way back last winter when she “guest wrote” a blog entry of mine, Demetra Markopoulos, my esteemed colleague, friend (at least she was before it took me so long to announce her blog, that in truth, was launched over a week ago), and the appointed CarsDiva, has launched her very own industry blog at blog.carsdiva.com.

Taking a different tack than my fleet/remarketing/event obsessed travel log, Demetra is instead delving into the much more interesting, and at times maybe controversial, topic of what it is like to be an industry insider in the car business…from a woman’s perspective. She looks to reveal those things, industry practices in automotive sales and marketing, that may, intentionally or not, tend to confuse or alienate women as consumers, business people and “car people” (I was going to use the term “car guys” but that may indeed be one of those alienating things of which I refer).

She also welcomes anyone’s questions, comments, concerns or troubles with any area of the car business. Having immersed herself in this crazy environment for the last few years, I can tell you she is as good a “car guy” (there I go again) as anyone I’ve met, and has made quite a few friends and contacts that she can call on to help, in every sector, up and down the food chain, along the way.

In short, if anyone can be a “no holds barred” “Dear Abby” in this business, she’s fully equipped to handle it.

...And To Mark the Occasion, a Surprise

Okay, so in honor of this monumental occasion (and to make up for the fact that I’m a almost two weeks late in writing this blog entry marking this launch), I have hereby created and have for sale the official, one and only, copyrighted and patent pending, CarsDiva.com real, live 41 cent postage stamp, as seen below…

In association with Zazzle.com

Really, for real - just click through the CarsDiva stamp above and you can order a set for yourself - stick them on letters or any US correspondence, and not only will the US postal service deliver your mail, but your recipient will have lot better looking picture to eye through the post mark than your typical ex-president or famous (…sorry Ms. Markopoulos, I meant to say “other” famous) icons. Not to mention the more fun you will have in affixing it (I must be a reformed “car guy”; I said that whole lot more tactfully than I could have…).

At any rate, here’s to you CarsDiva (or CarsDiva.com), I know that this will be the first of many successful Web “firsts” you will launch for cars & women…

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